Ellen Sent Her Crew To A Haunted House, And Hilarity Ensued So Hard That I Might’ve Just Peed My Pants

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I hate haunted houses. I don't find them fun. I find them horrifying. There's nothing enjoyable to me about thinking that I'm about to die. Sure, sure, sure, it's all make believe. But it's hard to remember that when costumed strangers are jumping out at you in a dark maze. It's the same reason I hate things like roller coasters and making meth — the thrill isn't enough to make me forget that I'm on the verge of death.

I do, however, enjoy watching other people go through haunted houses. That's why I'm obsessed with this video of Ellen DeGeneres sending her executive producer and her writer to one. In case you don't know her executive producer, his name is Andy Lassner and he's one of the funniest people on Twitter. Just look at this gem from this morning:

The writer's name is Amy Rhodes and she's also probably hilarious on Twitter. It's just that before today, I'd never heard her name. However, thanks to my good friends at the Internet, I now have lots of information about her at my fingertips.

But enough about my Twitter stalking — we have a video to discuss! Ellen sent Andy and Amy to the Walking Dead haunted house at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights and filmed their experience. Considering that Amy gets scared and Andy gets REALLY scared, it turned out be a pretty hilarious video. At least based on my pants, which I just peed.