Ellen’s Downton Abbey Parody Makes Almost No Sense, But That’s Why It’s Hilarious

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Ellen Downton Abbey Parody

Minnie Driver stopped by today's Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about her new TV show About a Boy (the one based on the Hugh Grant movie that's based on a book — yeah that one), and Ellen decided to make one of her dreams come true. Apparently Minnie really wants to be on Downton Abbey, although I have to wonder if that's even true or if Ellen just wanted an excuse to dress up in old-fashioned clothes (that look more season one Downton than now) and force Minnie to read nonsensical things from a teleprompter.

I'm going to warn you now that this video makes little to no sense, especially in terms of the Downton universe. It's not one of those “wink wink nudge nudge insert reference here” types of parodies, like Jimmy Fallon's brilliant Downton Sixbey. But it's the very weirdness of it all that makes it so funny. Ellen decides that Minnie's character had an accident that made her switch accents at the drop of a hat. Minnie's actually really great at accents. My go-tos would be British and British, but Minnie is already British so she really had to think outside the box.

Oh, and Minnie's also expected to bark like a dog whenever Ellen rings a bell, which of course leads to giggles. It's the kind of thing that works really well even if you've never seen Downton Abbey. Actually, it might be better for you to have never seen Downton Abbey, because it's just that unrelated to it. But who better to give us a little stupid humor on a Tuesday afternoon than Ellen DeGeneres? Nobody, that's who. It's especially nice considering how boring this season of the show has been. Who should Mary pick — Charles or Gillingham? Let me think about that… zzzzzzz.

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