10 Amazingly Talented People We Only Know Because Of Ellen DeGeneres

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To many, Ellen DeGeneres is the queen of life daytime television. Her selfies are twitter shattering, her underwear is classically beautiful, her interviews are amazing, and her Dennis Quaid prank will never be forgotten.

What's so great about Ellen isn't just her ability to entrance her audience and make everyone laugh, it's also her ability to find the coolest people on YouTube, her office, or scattered about America, bring them to her studio and make them them a viral sensation. Spoiler alert: a lot of them are children. Prepare your ovaries.

1. Sophia Grace and Rosie

Uh-doyee! I can't think of “Super Bass” without thinking of these British cherubs. Ellen obviously saw their potential and four years later they're giving hilarious interviews, starring in movies and inspiring awesome Halloween costumes.

2. Her Employees

If anyone else made her shy employee talk about the crazy times she had at Coachella or her sent her easily terrified crew into a haunted house it would seem sadistic and cruel, but, because it's Ellen, I don't question it and continue to passively sit on my couch.

3. Heaven King

I watch this on a loop when I'm looking for dancing inspiration and I'm convinced Ellen is grooming her for the day Beyoncé retires.

4. Kai

I've already discussed how much I like Kai and how positively adorable I find him, but he and his homemade promise bracelets were discovered by Ellen and they deserve recognition too!

5. Adorable Talking Twins

I have a twin brother and when I wasn't beating him up and stealing his Cheerios, I'm fairly certain we communicated like these twins. The original video got over 15 million views, but I personally like when Ellen played Rosetta Stone and translated their conversation.

6. Marshall Kimber

Marshall rocks the bow tie and his genius stuns even Ellen.

7. Greyson Chance

His “Paparazzi” cover totally blew Ellen away and scored him a record deal (and some girls).

8. Elias Phoenix

Elias totally speaks his mind, is an awesome role model and makes me regret never taking my piano lessons seriously.

9. Brant Brickford

Brant may have ended things with his 27-year-old girlfriend, but he knows the best way to heal a broken heart is through laughter (and toys).

10. Zony and Yony

First of all, their favorite things about America are ice cream and pizza. Amazing. Second of all, when they dance to Justin Bieber in baby blue helmets they make be forget what a douche canoe he is.

Now, in the words of Ellen, be kind to one another! (But first go find the next YouTube sensation and present it to her.)