Ellen Degeneres To Speak at Tulane University Commencement

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Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de RossiTalk show host, Ellen Degeneres, has been chosen as a keynote speaker at Tulane University’s commencement ceremonies on May 16, 2009.  Ellen is a native of New Orleans (where the school is located) and was a guest speaker at their 2006 graduation.  Apparently, it was quite an event last time since she showed up wearing a white bath robe (she said that she heard everyone would be wearing a robe!) and Tulane president, Scott Cowen, said: “Ellen brought the house down.  We’ve wanted to get her back ever since and are thrilled that she said, ‘Yes.’”

Ellen, who will be given the Tulane University President’s Medal, said she is thrilled to be speaking at the ceremony.

I wish I was there.  I’m sure it’s going to be great!

image: Newscom