Ellen Makes Fun Of Taylor Swift, Prompts Me To Start Chanting ‘One Of Us! One Of Us!’

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Hailee Steinfeld visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday, and naturally the conversation turned to Taylor Swift, since Taylor is currently in the process of turning Hailee into her mini-me in the same way Austin Mahone is turning into his long-lost father Justin Bieber. Seriously, Hailee is becoming more and more Swiftian the more I see her, not only because they both enjoy watching cat videos to pass the time, but also because she’s starting to adopt her mannerisms. I’m not the only one to think so; plenty of people in the comments of her interview thought the same thing.

But I’m not here to talk about how Taylor might be controlling Hailee Steinfeld’s actions from a pod somewhere like in Avatar. I’m here to talk about Ellen DeGeneres and the little jokey joke she made about Taylor during this interview. Here it is in all it’s fun-poking glory.

“You can I have something in common. You’re best friends with Taylor Swift. I’m best friends with Taylor Swift… We just hang out and talk about boys and bake and stuff.”

Okay, so this is a total Ellen joke in that it’s incredibly light-hearted and relatively snark-free, and she pokes fun of herself at the same time, but she totally gets the idea. And as someone who lists “making fun of Taylor Swift” among her top three interests on Facebook, I have a membership card for the dark side waiting for Ellen when she’s ready to accept it. Ellen even uses one of her mind tricks to get Hailee to admit that she and Taylor spend their time the same exact way, then convinces her to make a video of her scaring Taylor, prompting me to wonder if Hailee will soon go the way of Meredith the Cat, that ungrateful diva.

If we’re being honest here, though, I like that Ellen’s such a positive comedian. It’s a nice change of pace for me since I spend 100% of my time in my own cynical head. Plus, I don’t want her to go so far into mean-spirited territory that she turns into Chelsea Handler. Still, it was nice to see our lord and savior Ellen DeGeneres poke a little fun at She Who Shall Not Be Named Without Rolling One’s Eyes.

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