Is Ellen Degeneres’ Rearing Of Sophia Grace And Rosie Evidence That She Would Be A Good Parent?

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Yesterday, Ellen Degeneres continued the education of her TV children Sophia Grace and Rosie by sending them to The Gentle Barn to play with, and learn about, some adorable, friendly animals. Which made me wonder: would Ellen be a good parent to children of her own? Or is it a good thing that she says she and Portia De Rossi aren't going to have any?

As you can see from the video, Sophia Grace Brownlee and her cousin Rosie had an amazing time at the farm, which plays host to many lucky farm animals who've been rescued from the food industry. They were as British and charming as ever as they petted lambs, hung out with Portia the turkey, and tucked a pig into bed. But entertainment value aside, is Ellen being a responsible caretaker here?

No: By having them visit a rescue farm and make friends with the animals, Ellen is clearly indoctrinating the girls into the vegan lifestyle, which holds that we should eat plant protein and leave our furry friends alone. What's going to happen when they go home to Essex and their parents try to feed them meat?

Yes: That last part would not be an issue if they were Ellen's kids. Plus, it's your responsibility to teach your kids the difference between right and wrong, as you see it. And it's not like meat eating parents are not indoctrinating their kids, too…with the idea that it is okay to kill animals for food. That's hardly a neutral position to take on the matter.

No: Don't these girls live in England? How are they going to keep up with their schoolwork if they are always flying to America to be on Ellen's show? A good parent does not just take their kid to do fun stuff all the time.

Yes: “Meat comes from animals, who are generally rad dudes” is an important part of one's education! And maybe they come to America during breaks from school?

No: Couldn't Ellen have found some needier kids to send on fun adventures? These girls have perfectly fine parents already!

Yes: If Ellen were to actually adopt a child, she would presumably not just steal one from a pre-existing family.

No: It's bad for an eight-year-old's emotional development to be on television at such a young age.

Yes: The internet has made it so that all kids are essentially “on TV” all the time, so this is a moot point. At least Ellen's kids will actually be famous instead of wishing they were like 100% of non-famous children do.

Conclusion: Ellen and Portia should obtain themselves some children immediately.

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