14 Ellen Interviews From 2013 That Made Us Literally ROTFL

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In case you've been living under a rock, allow me to remind you that Ellen DeGeneres is the best. Her talk show is endlessly entertaining, because she's consistently funny without being mean, and she gets the best moments out of her celebrity guests. THE. BEST. MOMENTS. She can get anybody to talk about anything through her powers of persuasion/hypnotism/wizardry.

Ellen really showed off her celebrity interview magic in 2013. It seemed like every day there was a new video for us to watch with our mouths open in shock and amazement. Oh, and also laughing. Our mouths were mostly open because we were laughing. Even if Ellen's guest isn't particularly funny, her reactions to them make the interview totally hilarious. So in the spirit of year-end retrospectives, let's take a look at fourteen Ellen interviews — in no particular order — that made us literally roll on the floor laughing this year. And I really do mean that literally. Every time I start watching an Ellen video my floor braces itself.

1. Diane Keaton

I really thought my life was complete when I saw Diane Keaton get drunk on wine in a weird all-white outfit and giggle like a schoolgirl about tantric sex. Ellen looked just as amazed as I was.

2. Emma Thompson

Leave it to Ellen to get an Oscar-winning actress and all-around classy British lady to get down on all floors and (try to) imitate a duck on national television. Are you not entertained?!

3. Kerry Washington 

After Kerry Washington was Photoshopped into oblivion on the cover of Lucky, Ellen did her own kind of Photoshop with Kerry's magazine covers (albeit without mentioning the controversy), putting her photo on made-up and very silly magazines and getting Kerry to play along. Adorable.

4. Kate McKinnon

I think I watched this video ten times the day it went live. Ellen, having seen Kate's hilarious impression of her on SNL, invited her to do it again on her very show. The excitement in Kate's face over getting to dance with Ellen as Ellen is amazing.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow

It's not very difficult to get Gwyneth Paltrow to lose her filter, so put her in front of Ellen DeGeneres and you're in for a treat. This time Ellen got her to talk about shaving (or not shaving) her pubic hair. Then she got her to talk about it AGAIN months later.

6. Matt Lauer 

Matt Lauer can be quite the party pooper, but Ellen got him to loosen up a bit when she had him don a wig and play Hoda Kotb to her Kathie Lee Gifford and read a real transcript of the fourth hour of Today. It's really Ellen's Kathie Lee impression that sells this, though.

7. Keith Urban

The Ellen DeGeneres Filter Destroyer strikes again! This time it made Keith Urban admit to sexting his wife Nicole Kidman without even knowing that's it's called “sexting.” Ellen's face says it all.

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