Can Someone Explain To Me Why Ellen DeGeneres Has Only Hosted SNL Once?

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Ellen DeGeneres getting star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame April 2012Today's just one of those days when I'm sitting around eating my free bagel (Bagel Fridays, you guys!) and coming up with brilliant ideas that the rest of the modern world somehow hasn't stumbled upon yet. And today that idea is: oh my god, why hasn't Ellen DeGeneres ever hosted Saturday Night Live? She has an impeccable reputation in the business, experience as both an actor, host, and stand-up comedian, and she's my most favoritest, so what gives? She'd be the best!

Welp, turns out she already has hosted, but just once…and it was way back on December 15th, 2001. Just to give you a little perspective, the musical guest was No Doubt, aka my favorite band from middle school, performing ‘Hey Baby' and ‘Hella Good'. Not blast-from-the-past-y enough for you? Well guess whose first season of SNL that was? Amy Motherfucking Poehler. So just to recap, in the time since Ellen has hosted in all her pixie-cutted, adorable sweater- and sneaker-wearing glory, Amy has joined and left SNL, gotten married and divorced from Will Arnett after nine years, had two adorable kids, Abel and Archie, and starred in a whole new NBC show, Parks And Recreation. That's a lot to go down in between hosting opportunities, especially if you're as all-around wonderful as Ellen is.

Now I get it, SNL, you like to have people on with projects coming out, but look at the week Ellen's had! Just in the past week and a half on The Ellen Show, she got Diane Keaton drunk, indirectly made  literally dance out of his pants, and shared the stage with Kate McKinnon during her amazing, dream-affirming Ellen impression. Kate is even on the show, so there's a link right there! She could put in a good word for Ellen on set. If anything, this week should serve as an indicator that my girl totally has what it takes, so let's make this happen, people who matter. And if it would make you traditionalists more comfortable, she could even go on with No Doubt again. They're still relevant, and this could help them get over that Native American controversy! Let's make this happen.

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