Ellen Makes Seth Meyers Practice Interviewing Celebs, Insults Ensue

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Seth Meyers Ellen  Kanye West sunglassesAs we've said again and again and again on this site, there's no one in the whole entire world better at interviewing celebrities than Ellen DeGeneres. She can make even the most detestable people seem human. Why, just last week, I found myself enjoying a Kim Kardashian interview! Can you believe it? I still can't. But it's one of those modern day mysteries that I just have to let go. In the same way that we have to let Seth go from Saturday Night Live so that he can take over Late Night.

While we've had months to prepare ourselves for the transition, it's still taken me by surprise that it's actually happening in a few weeks. It seems to have taken Seth by surprise too because based on his interview with Ellen, he doesn't seem ready to start interviewing celebrities on the reg. And as he points out, he's used to doing scripted interviews with fake people. Not live interviews with real people. Although I think it's fair to say that several of the celebrities he'll end up interviewing will make Stefon seem restrained and grounded.

Luckily for Seth, Ellen kickstarted his training with a rapid fire question drill that involved celebrity flashcards. Rather than interview any of them, he insulted all them. Which is very SNL of him — but not so Late Night. All he can hope is that he impressed Ellen enough that she'll take him under her wing and show him all her secrets. Also, maybe pass off a talented Youtube kid or two. After all, her Menagerie of Magically Talented Children must take up an awful lot of space in her basement. And I'm sure Portia would appreciate if they downsized it a bit. 

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