Can We Please Talk About How Adorable Ellen And Portia Are Down Under?

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I'm so glad that I refused to believe the rumors about Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi breaking up (mainly to keep razor blades away from my wrists, especially post-Amy Poehler/Will Arnett), because now I can enjoy these super cute pictures of these two during their Australian getaway without worrying that it's just a tease.

Ellen is taping segments for her talk show Down Under, and it just so happens that Ellen's beautiful wife, Lindsay Bluth Portia de Rossi is a native Australian.

“I'm moving here, it's so beautiful,” DeGeneres told over 3,000 fans who showed up for an afternoon taping.  One fan, who sounds a lot like this one entertainment blogger I know, asked Ellen if she and Portia would “adopt her.” Hilarious, yet slightly serious.  Well played.  Even better was Ellen's response: “We were just saying we should adopt someone. It's so easy for us.”

I know the show is only supposed to be down there for a week, but I would love it if they stayed forever just so I could keep cooing over Ellen's Instagram pics and wishing that she and Portia would adopt me.  As you admire these pictures as wistfully as I did, just remember to tell yourself that no one will ever love you like Ellen and Portia love each other.  You're all alone in this world, and they will not be your moms.

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(Photos: Instagram)