This Video Of Ellen Surprising Portia With Her Christmas Gift Will Explode Your Heart With Joy

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Ellen DeGeneres giving Portia de Rossi her Christmas present December 2013The holidays may be over, but the memory of the glorious things that happened during that time will live on, thanks to Ellen DeGeneres. She does this really adorable thing in the new year where she lets celebrities share video of their Christmas stories on her show. And as it happens, one such celebrity who was super available during any and every time Ellen filmed was…Ellen herself.

I'm used to Ellen setting the bar pretty high as far as heart-warming, and by no means did she let me down with this amazing video of surprising her wife, Portia de Rossi, with exactly the Christmas present she wanted. (A car, naturally. Because that's what I get all the members of my inner circle for national holidays as well. Birthdays are much more yacht material, y'know?)

But anyway, apparently Portia has been obsessed for years with a car called a Land Rover Defender, which is no longer made, so there are only a limited number out there. Every time she sees one when they're out and about, she apparently points it out to Ellen and gets all excited. Aka the stage couldn't be set more perfectly.

So what Ellen did was locate the car and get it for Portia for Christmas, which is pretty standard, as discussed before. But my favorite part is how she revealed the surprise — by parking the car in the lot of a shopping mall that she knew the two of them would be going to later that day, and letting Portia stumble upon it herself. That's all I'm gonna say, but just know that however cute you think the video's going to be, you're wrong. It's way cuter.

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THE WAY HER FACE DROPS. I love it. Obsessed with this video, even though every pun expert in the world is bummed that Ellen didn't get her a Porsche. I mean really — Portia drives a Porsche. COME ON.