Ellen DeGeneres Plays Portia De Rossi In Amazing Birthday Tribute To Her Awesomeness

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As we have already commemorated, yesterday was all-around cool and funny lady Portia de Rossi‘s 40th birthday. Hooray hoorah! I hope she had an excellent one. Actually, I know she did, because her amazing wife Ellen DeGeneres staged a tribute to her on her show that was equal parts funny and moving.

In this excellent tribute segment (title: “de bold, de beautiful, de Rossi”), Ellen played Portia and walked us through the various stages of her life, from her birth in Australia, to her time in law school, to her modeling career, to her move to London. In the part about Ally McBeal, she asked,why is everybody dancing and why are we in the bathroom together?” which is something we probably should have thought to ask at the time, before the show got an Emmy. She also recreated Portia’s infamous Lindsay Bluth chicken dance, and in true AD fashion, she too did her own version that looked nothing like a chicken.

But the best part by far was when Ellen recreated her romance with Portia by getting actor Sean Hayes to play her. That might have been one of the most awkward kisses I’ve ever seen on TV.

At the end, Ellen invited Portia up and got all mushy, and everyone cried: Portia, the audience, me, everyone. And everyone’s faith in true love was restored, and somewhere, a lesbian angel got her wings. Happy birthday to Portia de Rossi once again! I hope I look half as good when I turn 40 (I won’t).

(Via TheEllenShow)