Ellen Admits She’s A Little Scared To Host The Oscars, And Her Reason Why Will Make You Think

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Ellen Degeneres Power a Smile Campaign November 22 2013 Van Nuys California

In a little over 24 hours, our television screens and hearts will be full of the two things we love most: Ellen DeGeneres, and the Oscars.  Though she hosted back in 2007, doing it for a second time–even seven years later–isn't without its challenges.  While most regular folk couldn't imagine getting up on stage in front of every single member of Hollywood and being entertaining for over three hours, even Ellen admits she's a little apprehensive about it.

“I thought ‘All right, let me scare myself again.' It's good to do something that scares you.”

And this is someone who dances and plays pranks on celebrities in front of millions of people every day!  But seriously, it's such a simple statement but I think it's kind of profound.  Once you know you can do accomplish something, whether it be as big as hosting the biggest award show in the world or as small as putting on a bra on a lazy Sunday, the sense of accomplishment that comes with doing it is pretty awesome.  Her wife, Portia DeRossi, wasn't initially on board with the idea of Ellen hosting again, though, which is honestly quite understandable:

“She thought, ‘I don't need to go through this either. She's gonna be stressed.' “

It's important to remember that even though it's one night, months of preparation and rehearsals and planning go into perfecting something as huge as the Oscars.  And Ellen already has a pretty big full-time job, so it's no wonder Portia took some convincing.  Ultimately, Ellen decided to tackle the hosting job again, and her reasoning behind doing so is so genuine and relatable: she loves the movies.  I will probably use the same reason someday when I'm asked to host the Oscars.

“I love stories that are inspirational yet have a lot of heartache, because I think that's what life is.”

One thing we can't count on on Oscar night?  Dancing. Ellen won't be straddling any coffee tables or step-clapping with any soccer moms tomorrow night.  “I don't think people need to see that every time I do anything.”  Okayyy… but… I think we *do* need to see some of this a little more often, because what's better than one Ellen? TWO ELLENS.
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