Ellen DeGeneres Dressed As Nicki Minaj For Halloween And It’s Absolutely Boobtastic

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Ellen Nicki Minaj Costume boom boomsEllen Nicki Minaj costume super bass


I know that we're still in the wee early hours of Halloween 2013, but you shouldn't even bother putting your costume on. Ellen DeGeneres already won the holiday with her ah-mazing Nicki Minaj costume. In fact, I just got off the phone with the Internet and they've informed me that they've just sent her the trophy, the medal and the certificate that goes along with having the year's best costume. (They had her address from last year, natch.)

In case you don't watch The Ellen Show as religiously as I do, let me explain this costume to you best I can. Nicki Minaj came on the show recently wearing this very outfit, right down to the dangling underboob.

Nicki Minaj boobs black outfit ellen show


At the time her outfit confused me. Mostly because what? And why? And huh? I mean, don't get me wrong, I look a good underboob. Maybe even more than I love a good sideboob and honestly, twice as much as I like a good behindboob. But this underboob just didn't look quite right. It's almost as if she went to bed in a 13-year-old's body and woke up in Nicki Minaj's body and her agent was like “wake up Nicki, you have to be on Ellen in 20 minutes!” And then Nicki was all like “what is happening to me? Who is that lady yelling at me? The last thing I remember is making a wish on that Zoltar machine to be big and now I'm going on Ellen and I have boobs and a cardigan that I wore for school pictures last week and I guess I'll just have to wear that!” And so she did. Then Ellen wore it for Halloween and the rest is history.

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