Ellen DeGeneres Is Being Called Out For Body Shaming Nicki Minaj.. Really

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Ellen DeGeneres has to be considered one of the most squeaky clean comedians out there — sure, she came out of the closet on national TV in 1997, but she’s proven over the years to gracefully avoid ANY controversy of any kind, and manages to stay on the vast majority of celebrities’ good sides, which is a rare feat.

Even when she pokes fun at people, she never really courts any controversy, making her safe for daytime TV and awards shows and basically all public appearances. So I was a little confused and shocked to see that she’s being called out for body shaming Nicki Minaj due to a sketch on her show. Last month, Nicki announced she’s developing a sitcom based on her childhood in Queens, NY, and she’s set to executive produce and appear on the show.

The sketch shows a typical sitcom opening with a family with a young daughter lying to her parents about doing her chores. Then each person, including the family dog,  turns around to reveal they have a big ol-Nicki Minaj Anaconda booty. They then have a hard time sitting together on the couch, due to the size of their butts.

People on Twitter are pissed, claiming that the joke is tasteless and serves only to make fun of Nicki’s body.



Ellen has parodied Nicki in the past, dressing up as her for Halloween and doing Anaconda parody videos, and Nicki herself got a kick out of it. I’m sure what will happen here is that Ellen will come out and apologize to anyone she offended, and that will be it for this “controversy.” I’m quite curious to how Nicki herself sees it, since she seems to have very good humor about her, um, assets and the fame they’ve achieved. The clip is not on Ellen Tube, but we found it on a Facebook page. Watch for yourself and see — do you think the sketch was racist, tasteless, and body shaming?

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