Ellen DeGeneres Voted ‘Most Likable Woman In Hollywood’, J-Law Swears Vengeance

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Ellen DeGeneres attending Arrested Development season four premiere April 2013In the most audacious news I've heard in a long time, Ellen DeGeneres has just snatched away an award from Jennifer Lawrence. No, it wasn't an Academy Award; this theft was much, much worse.

All an Oscar tells you is that somebody liked your movie. Not even all your movies, just one of them. One time. But the award that Ellen stole from J-Law is an award that says people like you — the prestigious iHeartRadio ‘Most Likable Woman In Hollywood' Award. I know, I know, we've all heard of it. It's similar to the Nobel Prize, except more prestigious.

Anyway, even though it's clear to all of us that Jen is the most likable person not only in Hollywood, but in the entire world, Ellen had the nerve to beat her out for it. And not by a little bit, either: Ellen got 35.1% of the vote, and J-Law only got 17.7%. This is a travesty. THIS SHALL NOT STAND.

What kind of secret likeability campaign must Ellen have been on for the past year? The little sneak thief must have been going door-to-door in the middle of the night, surreptitiously handing out smiles and hugs, trying to claim the title as her own when it clearly belongs to J-Law. I mean we've all agreed that J-Law is the most likeable person ever, no?? Who else fell up the stairs when getting her Oscar? Who else sets up her BFFs with Bradley Cooper? Who else  drops everything to come and hang out with me every single time I text her? (I mean, I assume she would, if I could ever get ahold of her number.) Jennifer Lawrence, that's who.

Other people stomped on in Ellen's stampede to the top include Emma Stone in third place with 13.4%, Jennifer Hudson in fourth with 12.5%, Natalie Portman in fifth with 10.2%, Zooey Deschanel in sixth with 8.5%, and Anna Kendrick in last, with 2.6%.


(Image: Brian To / WENN.com)