Ellen Returns To Her First Job At JCPenney, Hilarity Ensures

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Ellen DeGeneres visited the JCPenney's where she used to work when she was home in New Orleans recently and took over her old job with ease. From assisting with purchases to finding sexy clothes for customers to conducting eye tests, she did it all!

While I know JCPenney's got the warning beforehand that she would be stopping by, I'm sure the customers did not. Imagine how excited you would be if you walked into the store and saw Ellen ringing up purchases or working the shoe department. Suddenly your mundane trip to the mall turned into the best brunch story ever.

No one can really beat a story about Ellen making you try on a (spoiler alert) strawberry costume in the dressing room. It's a once in a lifetime thing.

Oh, and it has to be said. Ellen's still gay and JCPenney's still has customers. Guess One Million Moms aren't always on the ball when it comes to bigotry. Pity.