Ellen DeGeneres Announces That She’s Hosting The Oscars With The Perfect Tweet

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Ellen DeGeneres Arrested Development April 2013

It's happening! Ellen DeGeneres is returning to her rightful place as Oscar host in 2014. You might recall in 2007 when Ellen first hosted the show, in the process making the sun shine a little brighter and leaving everyone with laugh hangovers at work the next morning. Well, get ready for it to happen again. As someone who's already obsessed with the Academy Awards no matter who's hosting, this news is simply perfect. All is right with the world, and we can go to the movies for the rest of the year knowing that in a matter of months Ellen will be making amazing jokes about them. Hallelujah and huzzah and lots of other similar interjections that start with H.

We know this news is official because just moments ago Ellen tweeted about it. And in typical Ellen fashion, it was hilarious. Take a looksy below, and enjoy how many retweets it's already received.

Ellen also said after the news broke that she's excited to host again and hinted that she wouldn't mind another gig in the future, saying “you know what they say – the third time's the charm.” Oh Ellen.

In addition to getting plenty of great reviews from professional critics for her 2007 hosting, 16-year-old Jill O'Rourke was quoted as saying to her mom that night, "It's totally cool if I stay home from school tomorrow and rewatch that ceremony again, right?" Sources are saying she had to go to school anyway.

Perhaps the Academy was looking for a tamer show in light of Seth MacFarlane's polarizing gig. Regardless, what can we expect from this ceremony? Well, in the years since Ellen last hosted, she's accumulated quite the collection of talented children whom I vote should replace the orchestra and sing the winners off the stage. No one will dare take too long with Sophia Grace and Rosie screaming Nicki Minaj at them. I also suggest that at each costume change Ellen switch places with Kate McKinnon and see if anyone notices. It would also be great if, in place of a streaker or a speech interrupter, Diane Keaton wander onto the stage drunk and giggly. Also, Tony should DJ the after parties. All of them. And there should obviously be dancing. Lots and lots of dancing.

Hey, Kris Jenner! Where's your Oscar hosting gig? Yeah. That's what I thought.

(Photo: Brian To/WENN.com)