Morning Flashback: Watch Ellen’s Very First Monologue For The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Can you believe that Ellen DeGeneres started hosting her daily talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show  9 whole years ago. Where were you 9 years ago? Probably in utero right? I'm pretty sure that where I was back then. That or hiding in a Y2K bunker somewhere.

Anyways, 9 years ago Ellen emerged from her television hiatus to host a brand new type of talk show for all of us stay-at-home moms. And speaking on behalf of all the stay-at-home moms out there, we loved it! There was dancing and celebrities and hijinks. Oh the hijinks! I could talk about those for days.

While Ellen certainly has a signature style now, this retro clip reminded me that she didn't always used to dress like that. In fact, she used to wear pink button-ups on camera. Oh and her hair's different.

Besides that she's the same old funny Ellen. Watch it right now and see how far she's come since her very first day as a TV talk show host. It's like looking in your old elementary school yearbook. But more exciting, because she's famous.