I’m In Love With This Duo: Dennis Quaid And Ellen Team Up For Another Prank

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Ellen DeGeneres and Dennis Quaid pranking a nurse April 2013I don't want to make bold statements I can't stand behind, but I think Ellen DeGeneres and Dennis Quaid may be my new favorite celebrity power couple. Yeah, okay, so they're not technically dating, but they're bound by the ties of laughter, which I've heard are actually stronger than the bonds of marriage. These two have made many a humorous pranking video in the past, most notably the ones in the Starbucks where Dennis had to walk in the door shouting, “DENNIS QUAID WANTS A COFFEE!”, and now they're back and better than ever. As always, Dennis has to do a normal human interaction with Ellen speaking in his ear, telling him what to say. This time, their unsuspecting target was an extremely patient nurse, and it's appropriately amazing.

Dennis' go-to character in these things is the bumbling idiot actor, and this video follows through on that times a million. He's opening his mouth asking if the nurse can see his lungs, complaining that he used to be taller, and making pretty insane noises every time she goes out of the room. She's super accommodating, though — she even counts how many times he can jump on one foot when he asks her to. Dennis is so great at holding a straight face, that even after he reveals that he has Ellen in his ear, telling him what to do, the nurse still doesn't know what to make of it. She's taking him so seriously that he has to literally take the earpiece out and show it to her before she understands that he's talking about hearing the real Ellen's voice in his head instead of delusionally raving about hearing just voices in general. It's amazing.

You should go watch it forty times on YouTube so they get encouraged by the number of views and decide to do it again. MAKE IT HAPPEN.