Did Ellen DeGeneres Purposefully Give Bethenny Frankel Horrible Advice About Hosting A Talk Show

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Wow. As one of Ellen DeGeneres‘ biggest fans I'm shocked at what I witnessed during her interview with Bethenny Frankel. As you may have read in Housewife Apocalypse Quarterly, Bethenny Frankel's hosting her own TV show this summer. Considering the fact that I find her to be completely unlikeable, this news shocked me. Do people really want to hear her shrill voice blasting from their TVs? I know her Bravo show does well, but that's a candid reality show. She's not sitting on a couch starring at you and pretending to give sage advice while stirring her own cancerita concoction.

Considering the fact that the show's only premiering in a few select cities, someone out there agrees with me that Bethenny might not be the best TV show host. So why then did the usually wonderful Ellen give her the following advice about hosting her own talk show?

My advice to you is to be yourself.  Not be what you think a talk show host should be or what you’ve seen a talk show host be because the way that you’re going to be successful is by being someone that they haven’t seen before.  You don’t want to try and copy a format.

That's actually the worst advice to give Bethenny because herself is the worst. And Ellen has to know that. She's met the woman! Bethenny might be a successful business woman, but she also comes off as a completely ungrateful bitch who whines about everything in her life.

So yes, that advice works for Ellen because Ellen's the best. She should always be herself. But Bethenny should always be someone else. Maybe someone nicer? Less entitled and less wah-wah I'm rich now and all my dreams are coming true and I'm still harping on god knows what.

Seeing how smart Ellen usually is when it comes to talk shows, I worry that she purposefully gave Bethenny bad advice so she'll fail and Ellen will continue reigning supreme in the daytime talk show sphere. Or maybe she's sooo nice that she actually thinks Bethenny's a good person. And if that's true, I'm going to have to start questioning her judgement a little bit more.

I just don't know what to think right now.

See the actual interview right here and let me know if I'm being too sinister.