Ellen Takes Buzzfeed’s Female Comedian Quiz, Gets The Least Accurate Result Possible

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Ellen DeGeneres laughing gifSo you know those personality quizzes Buzzfeed has that tell you which Mean Girls character you are and whether you're ready for summer and what you should name your child? I didn't make any of those up. Those are all real. And so is “Which Queen of Comedy Are You?” That just so happens to be the quiz Ellen DeGeneres decided to take during the monologue of today's show. That's right, we've reached the point in our relationship with Ellen where we just watch her take Buzzfeed quizzes for our enjoyment. I ain't complaining.

The thing about these quizzes is that for most of them I don't really go in expecting an accurate response, because first of all, expecting an online quiz to perfectly read your personality based on what type of donut you like is kind of silly. But second of all, I don't always even want the most accurate response. I just want the one that sounds the coolest. So now that I've taken the “Queen of Comedy” quiz myself and gotten Tina Fey, I can walk around believing that I'm even one twentieth as awesome as Tina Fey is, even though I'm obviously not.

Nevertheless, Ellen wanted to test the accuracy of these quizzes, and since she was one of the possible results on this particular quiz, she went through and gave some honest answers to all the questions. And of course she didn't get herself. That wouldn't be entertaining. In fact, Ellen got just about the most inaccurate result she could get. Like seriously, it's what I would expect on opposite day. In case you're against quiz spoilers, I won't tell you until after the video so you can experience it for yourself if you so wish.

She got Chelsea Handler. That's… very wrong, and you can look through our posts on each of them to figure out why. However, it's not wrong enough to stop me from taking approximately 87 online personality quizzes every day forever and ever amen.

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