Ellen Tells Bruno Mars What To Say To An Unsuspecting Nurse In A Prank That Will Never Get Old

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Bruno Mars Ellen prank

Ellen DeGeneres does a lot of things on her show that never get old — scare people in bathrooms, send her employees to haunted houses, get celebrities to talk candidly about their pubic hair — but her earpiece prank takes the cake. I will never get tired of it. She's done it a bunch of times before, perhaps most famously with Dennis Quaid (“DENNIS QUAID IS HERE!”), and every time I feel simultaneous embarrassment and enjoyment.

This time Ellen had Bruno Mars as her guest and sent a nurse into his dressing room to check up on him while she fed him ridiculous lines. First of all, I'm impressed that Bruno can keep such a poker face the whole time. I would be way too humiliated to agree to this prank in the first place, but if I did I would ruin it after two seconds because it would be the least believable thing you've ever seen. Even less believable than Selena Gomez as a carjacker. Zing! (Sorry to have brought you into this post, Selena. You had nothing to do with this.)

Ellen has Bruno say and do lots of silly things while pretending to have a sore throat and apparently a case of germaphobia, and the poor unsuspecting nurse tries to be as polite as possible. I wouldn't blame her if the whole time in her head she was thinking, “Wait until I tell my friends what a weirdo Bruno Mars is in person.” Then again, I'm not entirely sure she even knows who Bruno Mars is, which is probably because he doesn't have a celebrity fragrance. Those are his Ellen's words, not mine. I must also say that if Bruno wants to get into the bird call business, he has a bright future ahead of him.

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