Ellen breaks down sobbing on her show about a doggy

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ellen-crying.pngYeahhhh. Awwwkkkkward. I bet that the audience members were all desperately trying to figure out what to do. I mean, come on – it's a DOG, for chrissakes.

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres broke down while taping her show yesterday, in an episode that airs today, over a dog named Iggy that she rescued from a shelter in September. After she spent thousands to get Iggy neutered and to try and train him to get along with her cats, it wasn't working. Meanwhile, Ellen's hairdresser had has two daughters and looking for a puppy. Ellen gave them Iggy, got daily reports of how the girls loved and had bonded to Iggy, and she thought she'd done a good thing by finding the dog a loving home.

But the rescue shelter claims Ellen violated a deal by giving the animal away, and they took Iggy from the kids. “I guess I signed a piece of paper that says if I can't keep Iggy, it goes back to the rescue organization, which is not someone's home, which is not a family,” Ellen told the audience.

When the shelter called Ellen to check on Iggy, she was honest and told them she'd found the dog a new home. The shelter took Iggy from the hairdresser's home

Sweet Buttered Moses. Just have the entire studio audience march down to the shelter and picket until you get the damn dog back. That's what I would do if I had MY own talk show.

Here's the viddy: