Ellen Asks Carrie Underwood About Boyfriend

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Carrie Underwood was on the Ellen show this week and the talk show host really cornered her about her relationship with NHL hockey player, Mike Fisher.  She asked Carrie about whether Mike had his own teeth since hockey is such a rough sport.  Carrie said that when a mutual friend was matchmaking, she asked what he did and was turned off by the fact that he played hockey.  Then she asked if he had his own teeth and when the friend said that he didn’t (but that he had a good dentist) she was turned off again.  When she heard he lived in Canada, that was the third strike since it would mean a long-distance relationship.  Fortunately, it’s been more than a year which is her longest relationship, she says, and it looks like she’s really happy.

She also talked about her new music, including the single “Cowboy Casanova” which, she explains, is not a reference to her ex-boyfriend, Tony Romo, who happens to play for the Dallas Cowboys.  Too funny!