Ellen Sends Amy And Andy To Another Haunted House, So Please Excuse Me While I Go Die From Happiness

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Andy Amy Haunted House Ellen

Last week Ellen DeGeneres sent Andy Lassner and Amy Rhodes, two incredibly loyal members of her staff, to a haunted house together because they both really hate being scared. Obviously amazingness ensued.  I'm talking screaming and shrieking and pleas with the people working in the haunted to house to just stop. Which I think we can all agree are the three main components for any video on the internet — Halloween-related or not.

Since Ellen's addicted to scaring the people she loves, she sent them back out into the real world to another haunted house this week.  And dare I say it, this video might actually be better than the first.  In fact, I'm pretty pleased with myself that I took the initiative to pee my pants before I pressed play. Because it would've happened anyways and it's slightly less embarrassing when you're in control of the situation.

“Oh this?” I picture myself saying nonchalantly to a co-worker when she notices the wet spot on the front of my pants, “I did that on purpose. What are pants if not something to pee in.” Then, while my co-worker's mouth hangs agape from my deep thought, I strut confidentially off into the sunset as “who's that lady” plays in the background. 

Want to relive that same exact moment in your office/classroom/home/imagination? Well luckily for you, I have the video right here. Just make sure to take out of your headphones and play it extra loud so that everyone around you can hear Amy and Andy scream about being attacked by mimes. And yes, you read that right. There are mimes invovled. So. Many. Mimes.

Happy Halloween!