Anyone Hating On Elle Fanning’s Shoes Clearly Forgot What It Was Like To Be 14

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Let's cut to the chase. Elle Fanning wore pretty questionable platform shoes to the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 premiere this week. I definitely did a double take when I saw her red carpet photos a few days ago because they weren't exactly my style.

But with that said, she's 14. So I think it's actually great they aren't my style. It's bad enough that I fight over dressing rooms with  middle schoolers at Forever 21, I have to draw the fashion line somewhere. However not everyone agrees with me (in terms of her shoes and shopping at Forever 21 after turning 21). In fact some bloggers are calling them out for being the most horribly heinous shoes every invented in the history of heinous shoe making.

However I think that's unfair, because even if you don't like her shoes, she's 14. Remember being 14? I unfortunately do. I also unfortunately have photographs from that year and some are simply tragic. I accidentally wore a tiara to my freshman year homecoming, I wore gym sneakers with flare jeans and I wore these horribly tight red pants WITHOUT THE PROPER UNDERWEAR.

Oh my god, just thinking about some of my choices make me so wildly uncomfortable. While I want to say there weren't skorts involved, I can't even say that with 100% confidence.

So let's give young Elle Fanning a break.Just because she's famous doesn't mean she's flawless. She's still at that tender age when you don't know what you like and who you are and why you shouldn't get holiday-themed braces.

(Photo: Thomas Janssen, PacificCoastNews.com)