Elle Fanning’s Promposal Story Is So Adorably Awkward You’ll Actually Be Jealous Of It

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Elle Fanning Jimmy Kimmel May 2014

Actual life-size fairy Elle Fanning went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and continued being her usual ethereal self. As often happens when I watch an interview with her, however, I was shocked to hear her talk like a teenager. She just always seems so mature, and not in a “she shouldn't be wearing that skirt at her age” sort of way, but in an “I'm really intimidated by how classy and stylish and poised she is” way. And it turns out she's not just a teenager, but a pretty normal one at that, based on her story of how she got asked to prom.

I don't know if you know this, but asking someone to prom these days isn't just something you casually do one day while chatting with your friend at your locker between class. Kids take this very seriously, and people have started referring to it as a “promposal.” In 20 years, don't you want a memorable story to tell your children about how you got asked to a school dance when you were 16? Of course you do, so obviously you have to make it special. Usually stories like this would make me roll my eyes, but Elle's is just so refreshingly relatable and sweet.

It helps that this was an actual classmate asking her and not a fan. We can all agree that's gotten really annoying, right? Right. On top of that, it was an adorably awkward situation because the guy's romantic surprise for Elle ended up not working out how he planned it and there was a slight misunderstanding. Mostly because he made her think he'd been in a car accident. Probably not the best way to go. You might think an awkward story like that would make you cringe, but for me it actually had the opposite effect. It was awkward in such an adorable way that I found myself being a little jealous. Why couldn't I have an embarrassing promposal experience to tell people about years later? And while we're at it, why couldn't I look like Elle Fanning when I was in high school? Or now, if we're being honest.