You’ll Be Surprised How Much You Want To Hang Out With Angelina Jolie After Reading Elle Fanning’s Quote About Her

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Elle Fanning Angelina Jolie Maleficent photocall Paris May 2014

Maleficent comes out this Friday. In it Angelina Jolie plays a scary villainess. She appears to be very convincing in that role, because she can seem quite intimidating and frighteningly flawless in real life as well. But as much as you might want to label her the iciest of ice queens or the seriousest of serious Sallies, you should read what her co-star Elle Fanning had to say about her at a recent roudtable talk.

Collider has Elle's thoughts on everything from the film's impressive depiction of female relationships to what it was like working on a green screen, but the part that stood out to me the most was her description of what it was like meeting and working with Angelina on the set. She admits she was nervous to meet her, because she's Angelina Freakin' Jolie (legal name, I believe), but once it happened everything was great:

“We were doing costume fittings, and then everyone started saying, ‘She’s here!  She’s here!'  And I was like, ‘My god!'  The knot was growing in my stomach.  And then, I turned the corner, and there she was.  She was there in no horns or anything.  She was normal, with normal clothes.  Because we’re both big huggers, she gave me a giant hug, right away.  She shook my shoulders and said, ‘We’re gonna have so much fun working together.'  To have Angelina Jolie just hug you right away was really impactful.”

I'm obsessed with the fact that Elle expected her to have horns. I mean, I know it was at a costume fitting, but she makes it sound like she thought she'd have them actually growing out of her head. And that's not totally crazy, considering Angie can give off a haughty vibe. But Elle says that's a misconception:

“People see that intensity that she has in photographs and on red carpets, and that force around her, but then you meet her and she’s just a girl.  We would just talk about normal girl things.  We talked about prom.  I got to see her sensitivity.  She’s super playful.  All her kids were on set and she’d yell, ‘Cut!,' and she’d be in her whole outfit and pick up Vivie and Knox on each hip.  She was such the opposite of what I thought she would be.”

I wanna hang out and talk about prom with Angelina Jolie and spend time with her and her adorable children. That's not something I would have desired this time last year, when I still thought of Angie as the lady who wore Billy Bob's blood around her neck. But thanks to this story, her eager participation in that Oscars selfie, and the time she grabbed Brad's butt at an award show, I'm starting to believe she's more fun than she lets on. And Elle Fanning is a wise forest sprite, so I have to believe what she says.