The 7 Most Annoying Questions Elizabeth Olsen Has Been Asked About Her Sisters

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Elizabeth Olsen Godzilla premiere May 2014

Elizabeth Olsen is related to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Did you know that? Of course you knew that. It should be her middle name: Elizabeth “The Olsen Twins Are My Older Sisters” Olsen. Even though she's been building an impressive career for a few years now, going from critically acclaimed indies like Martha Marcy May Marlene to big Blockbusters like this weekend's new Godzilla remake, people still tend to associate her with her older siblings.

And because of that, interviewers ask her about it. A LOT. It's pretty much guaranteed that at some point during any given interview, Elizabeth will answer a question about her sisters. I'm not a mind-reader, so I couldn't tell you how Elizabeth feels about these questions, but if I were in her position I'd probably find it a little frustrating to not only have to go over the same subject over and over, but to have that subject be my family members who got famous before me. Below are some of the most annoying, nonsensical, or overused questions Elizabeth has been asked about those pesky twins.

1. Is she going to have a double wedding with Mary-Kate?

In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Elizabeth had to reveal whether she and fellow engaged sister Mary-Kate were going to share a wedding day. Because I guess she's expected to take the place of Ashley now that a twin wedding isn't going to happen. Unfortunately they will not share the big day:

“No, I just told her she gets to pick a date first.”

What a shame.

2. Who is her favorite sister?

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, a caller asked Elizabeth to choose her favorite Olsen twin, which would seem like a ridiculous question she'd never answer. But being in Andy Cohen's clubhouse makes people admit to things, so she actually chose Ashley, because Mary-Kate forgot her birthday. It's just a cruel situation all around.

3. Is there “healthy competition” between her and her sisters?

After Elizabeth made the amazing revelation that she and her sisters support each other, AskMen followed up by being like, “For realsies? You guys aren't in competition?” Since, you know, the twins are acting so much these days. Here's what Elizabeth said:

“[Laughs] No. That would be the unhealthiest thing, I think. Ashley doesn’t even act anymore. They are just really focused on fashion right now. Today’s their presentation to Anna Wintour in New York. My dad and I talked to them before, and they’re nervous.”

Sorry, no cat fights here. Not even the healthy kind.

4. How did seeing her sisters' fame growing up affect her approach to it now?

This question gets asked of Elizabeth in so many different forms, and it might have been relevant or interesting the first time, but now that she's had to answer it so often, I think it's time to retire it. To her credit, she gave a great answer when StarPulse asked her that type of question:

“I don’t really want it to infiltrate my personal life and for the most part I don’t do anything that – – like I don’t really live in a part of L.A., I didn’t grow up in a part of L.A. where are like hotspots, so so far it’s fine. I’m very well aware of what reality is and I’m very well aware of what these other things are and that’s work. Even if you’re going to a party, that’s work. It’s not your life. It’s definitely not my reality.”

5. Does she ask her sisters for fashion help?

Another question Elizabeth seems to get asked a lot. I love her sassy response when Refinery 29 asked her:

“It’s funny to be asked that because I don’t live with them, and they don’t dress me. Like, I’m an adult, ha! If I need to go to some sort of an event, a premiere or something, I’ll ask Mary-Kate if I can go into her closet — they have a bunch of samples that I just grab up.”

She's an adult?! And she doesn't live with her famous twin sisters anymore?! What is this madness?!

6. How does her personal style “stack up” to her sisters'?

Beyond being asked if the twins dress her like Cinderella's mice, apparently Elizabeth must also decide whether she's as stylish as her fashion designer siblings. Here's how she answered this inquiry from Lucky:

“I could never compare my fashion sense to my sisters'. They're years ahead of me. They actually start trends, trends that end up becoming popular three years after they've worn them. I'm just lucky that I get their hand-me-downs. For me…I just really just like anything that's comfortable. I tend to live in loose button-ups, pants and shorts. Things like that.”

But really, what was she supposed to say? That she wears way cooler clothes than those losers she's related to?

7. Is she her sisters' muse?

Sure, they named one of their clothing lines, Elizabeth and James, after her and her brother, but does that mean she's their artistic inspiration? Here's what Elizabeth told Marie Claire:

“God, no. I just try and see what they do and copy them like the rest of the world does.”

I know she doesn't say it, but I really want to imagine that there's an invisible “Now please stop asking me about them!” at the end of that answer.

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