Old Photos Of Lizzie Olsen Make Her Look So Wonderfully Normal

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There's something so refreshing about seeing photos of superchic celebrities, like Elizabeth Olsen, looking young, normal and carefree. It reminds us they weren't born with amazing style and impeccable taste. At one point, they too wore regular people clothes and did regular people things like participate in dance recitals and overdress to play ping pong in someone's basement. Before red carpets, stylists and managers, they led normal humdrum lives. Stars, they used to be just like us!

Today ONTD found an old forum with photos of Lizzie Olsen from circa 2008 and they're just lovely to look at. While her famous sisters spent their time in 2008 building up their fashion empire and perfecting the Starbucks Hobo look, Lizzie acted like a completely normal teenager.

Unlike her sisters, she grew up outside of the spotlight and I think the fact that she smiles now in photos, unlike her sisters, shows that having a career-free childhood probably works out better in the long run. Oh and also saying no to TV movies that involve a single father and dead mother. That's definitely where the twins went wrong.

Earlier this year she even told The Daily Beast that her sisters' experience made her hesitant to go into acting:

Olsen has said she was initially reluctant to get into acting because of what her older sisters went through—in particular, her sister Mary-Kate’s struggles with an eating disorder in 2004. She even chose to go by the name “Elizabeth Chase” in high school to avoid comparisons with her sisters. But the acting bug was never out of her mind—when she was 10 years old, Olsen auditioned for Spy Kids and came dangerously close to landing the part.

And while we're happy she experienced a somewhat normal childhood, we're also happy she did eventually choose to go into acting. After seeing her performance in Martha Marcy May Marlene, we're sure she picked the right profession.

While we won't see her back on the big screen until this fall when she stars in the movie Liberal Arts with Josh Radnor, we can stare at these photos and pretend like we went to high school with her. And pretend like that's not as creepy as it sounds.