To Add Insult To Injury, Elizabeth Olsen’s Forced To Marry An Extremely Anemic Draco Malfoy

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While this new photo of Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Felton on the set of their film Therese Raquin may get our  historical erotica fiction fans heated, it just makes me yearn for the days when being an Olsen meant something on a movie set.

What am I possibly talking about?

Close your eyes and remember that time that Draco Malfoy turned into a stone cold sociopathic fox while filming the final movies in the Harry Potter franchise? Now open your eyes and look closely at this photo of Tom Felton looking like he just emerged from hell week at an undeground Hogwarts fraternity.

What happened to our boy and his dashing good looks? What dark art turned this devilish prince into Snape's deathly ill cousin. I mean, for God's sake, he looks worse than Colin in The Secret Garden. And I think we all know Colin looked bad. Real, real bad.

So who initiated this monstrosity of a marriage? Isn't it enough that Elizabeth Olsen marry Draco? Must she marry him at his worst? If you're going to force a descendant of child star royalty to wed Draco, can he at least look good?

The plot for Therese Raquin says no. The movie, based on Emile Zola's book, follows Therese Raquin's (Elizabeth Olsen) loveless marriage to the sickly Camille (Tom Felton) and the passionate affair she starts with Camille's friend Laurent LeClaire (Oscar Issac).

I suppose then Draco's supposed to look all ill and shit. But I still find it insulting. Guess the fact that Mary-Kate Olsen's dating the brother of a former French president means nothing these days.

(Photo: Daily Mail)