OMG Elizabeth Berkley And Mario Lopez Just Made My Saved By The Bell Dreams Come True

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Elizabeth Berkley Mario Lopez  9.20.13

I don't spend a lot of time watching Extra, mostly because it's kind of lame and I prefer other outlets to receive my vital celebrity news.  Also, Mario Lopez is more than a little annoying.  But OMG you guys, he's actually good for something today because he had Elizabeth Berkley on as a guest yesterday!  Yes, this was an unofficial/official-to-me-and-my-'90s-loving-heart Jessie/Slater reunion.  Okay, really it was just a plug for Elizabeth Berkley's stint on Dancing With the Stars.  But it was still amazing.

Be still my heart, they even talked about Zach and Screech and the rest of the gang!  Jimmy Fallon probably won't be pleased to hear about this little reunion not happening on his show, so I'm hoping that inspires him to get a move on with this whole Saved by the Bell reunion quest he's been on for what seems like an eternity.  Sure, he had Mark-Paul Gosselaar dress up as Zach once and it was awesome.  But that has now been usurped by Jessie Spano and A.C. (or Albert Clifford if you're fancy) Slater getting together once more… sans matching perms/jheri curls.

No word yet on whether Elizabeth will be performing a dance number to The Pointer Sisters' “I'm So Excited” but I will be over here, waiting with bated breath just in case.