Elizabeth Banks Responds To Chris Pine Relationship Rumors

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Elizabeth BanksElizabeth Banks is responding to rumors that she might be dating Chris Pine. The actress says there's no truth to reports she's hookup with the  Star Trek star behind her husband's back.

“Chris Pine and I are friendly,” Elizabeth told Crushable on Friday, laughing off a question about their rumored affair. “And we did share a car to and from a few events. But we are just friends. And I feel bad because Paul Rudd was also in the car with us that night but no one mentioned that. I would have really loved it if they had said I was in a three-way with Paul Rudd and Chris Pine. Now that would have been news.”

Elizabeth, who has recently been playing CNBC host Avery Jessup on NBC's 30 Rock, also told Crushable that she only likes to date people her own age, but she would never call her love interest on the show, Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin), “too old for anyone.” “He’s just so charming,” she told us.

(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)