Elizabeth Olsen Defiantly Rejects A Double Wedding With Her Non-Twin, Mary-Kate

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Elizabeth Olsen attending In Secret premiere February 2014 black dressFor anyone who was hoping that two of the Olsens were going to have a double wedding full of love and twin themes and more love, I regret to inform you that your hopes have been dashed to pieces by Elizabeth Olsen, who just rejected that idea hard.

As you may be aware, Elizabeth got engaged to her actor boyfriend Boyd Holbrook only two weeks after her sister Mary-Kate was proposed to by her boyfriend of two years, Olivier Sarkozy. So the two of them are betrothed at the same time, leaving Ashley the lone spinster out in the cold, with her nose pressed up against the engagement glass. Maybe Bennett Miller, the director of Moneyball and Ashley's boyfriend since February, will take pity on her soon and put a ring on it.

But back to the task at hand — even though Elizabeth surely knows that all us 90s kids want in the world is a Mary-Kate and Ashley wedding, she refuses to take one for the team and stand in for her sister in a twintastic double wedding. Apparently she wants to have her own individual day or some bullhonkery like that. I'm honestly so blindsided by her decision that I can't even see straight.

We found all this devastating information out during a conversation with Marie Claire UK for their June issue, after the interviewer asked Elizabeth whether she and Mary-Kate would be combining days:

“No, I just told her she gets to pick a date first!”

She also says she's feeling ‘relaxed' about the ceremony itself, and refers to planning the wedding as ‘just like throwing a party to celebrate life.' Elizabeth. Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth, why must you destroy our lives this way? Just because you two aren't strictly twins, you're gonna reject this idea out of hand? Think of all the themes you're missing out on! New York Minute would be a really solid one, as would When In Rome, or even Winning London, if you wanted it to be competitive.

I'm just saying, it would make the rest of us very happy. And this is our day, not yours, okay?

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