Elisabeth Moss Bravely Goes On The Record And Says She Isn’t Not In True Detective

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Elisabeth Moss Bowler Hat trench coat

As you've probably heard, everyone in Hollywood's gotten cast in the second season of True DetectiveFrom Vince Vaughn to Elisabeth Moss to Air Bud to Lucy Camden, everyone's allegedly being considered for the lead role. Not since Fifty Shades of Grey started casting have we seen this much hype over a role that we know absolutely nothing about. Seriously, nothing! For all we know, this season's a musical comedy about a large brunch where they won't seat the party until everyone's there — and one girl's running late and not answering texts! Where could she be!? Will they lose the reservation?! The suspense builds as time ticks by and the large parties keep flowing on in. (Just kidding, that would be a horror show called My Personal Worst Nightmare: Learn to Get Places on Time.)

As someone who thrives on shady gossip and nameless sources, I absolutely love all this speculation. Mostly because I like playing a game in my head called “who's actually being considered and who's just pretending they're being considered to get talked about on consideration lists?”  I mean, if I was a meh celebrity with Lifetime-movie-of-the-week levels of talent, I too would go to a crowded restaurant where people recognized me and stage whisper, “my agent's really pushing me to take this True Detective role.” If I was meh famous,  I would also accuse everyone attractive of fathering my baby so that they would have to go on the record denying it — and in the process, link our names together forever on Wikipedia. #ModernRomance

While I'm putting Vince Vaughn on the top of “possibly starting his own rumors” list, I'm placing Elisabeth Moss on the top of my “strong definite” list. (Both lists can be read by subscribing to my brain for the low cost of 14 billion dollars a month.) Last night Vulture saw her at a premiere and asked the star if she'd been cast in the show…and she actually answered them! Or more accurately, she non-answered them. 

“I am very, very flattered that anyone is associating my name with that show,” Moss said, allowing a small smile. “It's a brilliant show, they did such a good job with it. HBO always does good stuff. The best. That's all I can say.”

So what she's saying is that she's not not on the show. Which I guess we could read between the lines to mean that she's definitely starring in it and also possibly not starring in it. You know?

(Photo: Cathy Gibson, PacificCoastNews)