You Can Now Watch Elisabeth Moss Give The ManiCam The Middle Finger Over And Over

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Golden Globes nominee Elisabeth Moss clearly wasn't in the mood to play red carpet games tonight because she gave the ManiCam her middle finger. Yep, just stuck it in there and did it. We'll never know if this move was premeditated or decided spontaneously. But we do know that it will go down in history as the moment that Giuliana Rancic's heart shattered into a million piece. Oh sure, she throws her head back and laughs. But everyone knows that girl hasn't really laughed since the '90s.

Why did one finger cause her entire heart to shatter? Well, it's common knowledge in Hollywood that there's no celebrity relationship more romantic than the one between Giuliana Rancic and her beloved red carpet ManiCam. Think The Notebook, but with even more obstacles in the way. As Ryan Seacrest often points out on his radio show, “a talk show host and a camera may fall in love, but where will they build their home?”

And that relationship is the reason that she cuts off every single interview she does with an actress and insist that the woman stick her fingers in the ManiCam. The first few times the ManiCam was on the red carpet, the celebs willingly did it. In fact, they even put a little dance into it. But now they're  clearly doing it with a little bit more hesitation and a much bigger sense of obligation. Never in the history of fingers have they trudged along more. So I think Elisabeth and her middle finger spoke for everyone tonight — no one cares about manicures. Get back to the awkward banter!

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