Elisabeth Moss Says Filming Her Iconic Mad Men Strut Wasn’t As Easy As It Looked

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Elisabeth Moss Says Filming Her Iconic Mad Men Strut Wasn t As Easy As It Looked Peggy Olson Mad Men Hallway Elisabeth Moss gif


Arguably the most badass moment in the last season of Mad Men — or on any season of Mad Men, let’s be real — was a couple of episodes before the finale, when Peggy Olson walked down the hallway of McCann-Erickson wearing sunglasses and a cigarette between her lips and carrying a dirty painting under her arm. Elisabeth Moss made the scene look effortless, but last night she revealed to Seth Meyers that it was actually a lot harder to achieve than it looked. Ah, the magic of television.

Apparently the box she was carrying was really heavy, and the painting under her arm was awkward to hold in the correct position. Elisabeth also says that walking with a cigarette in your mouth is not as easy as James Dean made it look. I always thought walking and chewing gum was the problem, but apparently cigarettes also apply. Not to mention sunglasses can be pretty hard to see through indoors. I don’t know how Jack Nicholson does it. Somehow Elisabeth was able to pull it all together and make it look like she wasn’t even trying. It probably helped that she had “Stayin’ Alive” playing on set.

Her interview with Seth also features a behind-the-scenes tidbit about that great phone call between Peggy and Don in the series finale. Elisabeth explains that whenever they filmed phone calls on the show, the actor on the other line was always there behind the camera to say their lines. But since Jon Hamm was filming his side of the conversation in Big Sur, Elisabeth couldn’t be there in person, so she was actually speaking to him on the phone from home. Thankfully her talkative cats didn’t ruin Jon’s emotional scene. Or maybe they helped him out. I won’t presume to know what Jon Hamm finds most effective as an actor.