Elijah Wood And Katie Holmes Share Fond Memories Of Their Dance Party

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I’m not sure how I missed this interview! MTV News sat down to talk with Katie Holmes and Elijah Wood who were at the Sundance Film Festival to promote “The Romantics”. At one point, they were sharing their fond memories of the dance party they threw in between takes.

Wood shared, “I’ll never forget that dance party we had at that lunch hour. Oh my God, it was so fun. Instead of trailers on the film — we were in a relatively rural, small area — we ended up having holding houses. … And one lunch break, instead of going to lunch, we decided to have a party at one of the holding houses. There was a little iPod dock, and we played very loud music and danced. And the girls were amazing.”

When asked about her signature dance movie, Katie said “I like to shimmy. I like a shimmy. It’s when you move your shoulders. It all goes back to the basic, and then you expand from there.”

Sounds like they had a blast on the set of The Romantics!