Eli Manning Was A Great Host, But The Star Of Last Night’s SNL Was 50 Shades Of Grey

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Last night New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning hosted SNL, and while an athlete host is always a gamble Eli proved he was game for anything, performing in nearly every sketch. Some of his stand out sketches included a motion test for Madden NFL that showed he might need some work on his signature celebration move, and an ad for the Little Brothers organization that looks like it helped Eli work out some of his lingering sibling rivalry issues.

Still, Eli was upstaged by the star of one of the few sketches he wasn't in. In a spoof ad for Amazon.com impressionable children and well meaning husbands tried to surprise mom on Mother's Day with gifts from Amazon only to find she'd already gotten herself a gift: 50 Shades of Grey. The ad doesn't quite beat Ellen's reading of the S&M novel, but it might make you want to knock before you surprise your mom with breakfast in bed.

Here are some of the night's other memorable sketches.

SNL unwittingly solves the problem of girls everywhere. To get a straight answer from a guy about the state of your relationship, just corner him on a TV show.

And as the camera pans away Jonah asks his dad why mommy needs a rubber glove to take a bath.

The tanning lady teaches you exactly how to get that worn leather shine.

Yes, it was just a plug for his movie, but Sacha Baron Cohen is always entertaining. This clip was worth it just for the movie list.

How often do you really stick your tongue out to convey your emotions IRL?

Photo:(NY Daily News)