The Elementary And Sleepy Hollow Writers Engage In Your New Favorite Twitter Feud

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Sleepy Hollow Elementary

Twitter can be a wondrous place, and sometimes you find treats in the most unexpected places. Take, for instance, the adorably funny feud that took place yesterday (and into today) between the writers of Elementary and the writers of Sleepy Hollow. You don't have to watch either of these shows to thoroughly enjoy the jokey exchange between the two accounts. I can attest to that as someone who has never watched Elementary and only saw the pilot of Sleepy Hollow. But you know what? This has convinced me that I should change that. Bravo, TV writers.

It looks like this all started when Elementary informed Sleepy Hollow that they could beat them at ping pong, and Sleepy Hollow responded.

What ensued was a civil but hilarious exchange of pictures and jokes that you simply have to witness for yourself. What made it so wonderful was that they continued to format the tweets like they were writing polite letters back and forth, casually informing the other show of how much better they are than the other.

And it just kept getting more and more fun.

And then somehow the CSI writers got in on the fun, at the request of a fan witnessing the feud.

I also love that they put so much time and effort into the images, just like Kanye did in his feud with Kimmel. Except, you know, this is way less mean-spirited and crazy.

Finally the two accounts came to a truce as Sleepy Hollow declared they were about to watch Elementary — which aired on CBS last night — and Elementary responded with a sweet photo message.

I love everything about this so much. Other TV shows, take note.

(Image: Twitter)