Elan Made Up The ‘Diane In 7A Fight’, Joins Twerking Girl On Fire In The Internet Hoax Of Fame

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Elan Gale Twitter Pic Hoax Diane 7A

Ever since Jimmy Kimmel tricked me into believing that a girl really twerked herself into a ball of flames, I've approached the internet with skepticism and the belief that nothing is real. NOTHING. Well turns out throwing shade at the Internet for the past few months paid off. Because the entire Elan Gale versus Diane airplane twitter fight was fake. That's right! FAKE!

And tell you what, I knew it from the start. I'm no mathematician but a few things weren't adding up. I won't throw every sketchy thing in your face, but ask yourself this: since when do two people have paper and a pen in their travel bags? Let me answer that one for you. Not since 1993. Also — and yes, I'm throwing one more red flag in your face — when was the last time flight attendants encouraged a disgruntled passenger to get even more disgruntled in the middle of a flight. The answer to that one folks is never. Because why would they allow another passenger to antagonize someone who clearly has a horrible temper when they're all trapped in the same flying metal container?!

Anyways, moving on, Elan Gale tweeted this photo of Diane last night. Get it?!?!?! It's an empty chair! Similar to Elan's proofreading skills, Diane doesn't exist.




While I totally get where he's going with the whole empty chair thing, I don't get why Elan didn't make himself more of a hero in the story. Rather than paint himself as a champion of people working on Thanksgiving, he made himself look like a misogynistic douche jonesing to start a fight with a stranger. Just yesterday I was sitting at work ranting about how unfunny I found his “eat my dick” comments to be. If only he'd channeled Upworthy and instead used this hoax to remind everyone to be nice to the poor people who have to work during the holiday, we'd be sitting here, patting him on the back for teaching us a valuable lesson. But instead, I'm just gloating at not falling for another Internet prank. Huzzah!

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