Check Out Effie Trinket As The Face Of The Hunger Games ‘Colours From The Capitol’ Nail Polish

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This Hunger Games nail polish deal keeps swinging back and forth from well-researched to missing the mark. The colors are Capitol-themed to refer to Katniss' makeover, but the names themselves are uninspired.

But would you look at this ad for “Colours from the Capitol”? It's fantastic. You've got Effie Trinket — Elizabeth Banks‘ image-obsessed Capitol citizen and mentor to Katiss and Peeta — parodying the Cover Girl ads we're used to seeing near the end of every season of America's Next Top Model.

Plus, the tagline is great because it plays like this is an actual ad from the world of the books: What will you be wearing to the opening ceremonies? it asks. Since fans believe that each of the China Glaze colors represents one of the twelve districts of Panem, you can show your support by wearing your district's color. (Mine is the sparkly orange Riveting, for District 3.)

This ad also has the benefit of making Effie look her age and like an actual human, not like some weird, pink-hued creature like in the trailer. (Although that's effective, too.) A cool detail we didn't notice in the trailer was Effie's butterfly lashes; a sharp-eyed commenter on Mockingjay.net pointed out that you can buy them at Sephora.

Right after she got cast as Effie in August, Elizabeth told Parade how well the character is suited to her: “She's funny, she's a little comic relief, she's a little kooky, she's a little dark… She represents the Capitol. She understands the stakes of the game but she also understands the stakes for her. She's one of the few glimpses of the totalitarian regime. She's living the high life in the Capitol.”