You’ll Enjoy Edward Norton’s SNL Promos Even If You Don’t Care About Him

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You ll Enjoy Edward Norton s SNL Promos Even If You Don t Care About Him Edward Norton SNL promos with Bobby Moynihan October 2013 jpgI don’t totally get what Saturday Night Live is up to right now. In the past, my understanding has always been that they try to get people on who have something to promote, or who are coming off a scandal or something, but two weeks in a row they’ve gone in the opposite direction. Two weeks ago they had on Bruce Willis, even though he has absolutely nothing going on in his career currently, and this week they’re welcoming Edward Norton. Wha? Why?

Edward has Wes Anderson‘s newest project The Grand Budapest Hotel coming out in 2014, and one movie in post-production that I haven’t heard of, but the last movie he did was the most recent Bourne one, and that came out in 2012. This guy has nothing to promote! And is he famous enough by himself to draw a crowd? According to the member of the male species I spend the most time around, liking Edward Norton is kind of a guy thing, and that dudes will probably be excited about him hosting SNL. But who knows.

What I do know is that even though I’m not that into Edward myself, I still enjoyed his SNL promos. And so will you, I think. Even though he made our list of the jerkiest actors to work with on-set, he manages to come off as pretty likeable, at least in the two minutes of these various clips.

Part of that probably has to do with Bobby Moynihan, because he’s adorable charm personified, but the promos did at least get me vaguely excited to see what they do on his episode. I mean they could speak Japanese! Or wear wigs! Or punch each other! The opportunities are endless!

Edward Norton will host SNL this Saturday, October 26th at 11:30pm on NBC, with musical guest Janelle Monae. Another human being who I don’t think has anything coming out right now.