Eddie Redmayne’s Favorite Thing About Being Married Is Really Weird

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Eddie Redmayne has only been married a few weeks, but it sounds like he and his new bride, Hannah Bagshawe, are already well into the boring part of their marriage. When PopSugar asked the actor what the best part about being married is, his answer was… well, kind of weird.

“Where to start? What was amazing was, we came into LAX yesterday, and I think that when you’re married, you can go as, like, a couple, up to passport security. Normally? Quite intimidating. But they seemed much kinder to me when I was with my wife.”

Whoa, slow down there, Eddie. You’re going to make everyone jealous with your wild declarations of love and passion. I personally am ready to book it to the altar posthaste, lest I waste another moment unmarried and able to move through airport security with even more ease than usual.

Seriously, though, that’s what you start with? What a bizarre thing to think of when asked what you love most about being married. What else have you been enjoying — how easy your taxes will be to file this year?

Of course, it’s possible that the actual act of marriage didn’t really change the couple’s relationship all that much, which makes sense, especially if they were already living together. I’ve heard from plenty of marrieds that the biggest post-wedding changes in their lives were the the constant worry about losing their wedding rings, the abundance of fancy dinnerware, and the carpel tunnel from writing dozens of thank you notes.

Still, if I were Redmayne, I would have gone for something a bit more romantic. For instance, the fact that I’d found someone who loved me enough to marry me despite my decision to appear in the trainwreck that is Jupiter Ascending. Maybe if Bagshawe were a lioness he’d be more excited.

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