In Honor Of Eddie Redmayne Turning The Dirty Thirty, Here Are Our Favorite Eddie Closeups

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"Les Miserables" New York Premiere -   Arrivals at the Ziegfeld Theatre

If you saw Les Mis, then you definitely saw every pore on the face of every character in the entire cast every time they sang a solo.  My favorite closeups were those of Eddie Redmayne, his enviable-if-historically-inaccurate hair, and his freckles.  If I were celebrating my 30th birthday, which thankfully I won't be for awhile yet, I would totally want to see giant closeups of my face online somewhere.

To make Eddie's birthday dreams come true (especially because they're really just our dreams), I've compiled a few of the best “Eddie Redmayne In Yo Face” red carpet moments for your viewing pleasure.

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