Even Eddie Redmayne Is Rooting for Leonardo DiCaprio to Win the Oscar

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Eddie Redmayne Oscar


Unless you've been living under a rock, at this point pretty much everyone and their mother is certain that Leonardo DiCaprio is going to finally win his first Oscar this year for The Revenant, putting an end to all the memes that have brought the Internet such joy the past several years. And when I say everyone thinks Leo's going to win, I mean everyone.

Kate Winslet, who is nominated in the Supporting Actress category, has chosen not to root for her Jobs co-star Michael Fassbender and instead place her bets on the guy who let her take up that whole piece of wood. And now Leo's competitor Eddie Redmayne, who's nominated for The Danish Girl and considered by many to be the second most likely winner, has said that he thinks Leo is “definitely going to win and should win.” He told the Irish Examiner that he's “excited just to be invited to the party.”

Of course, that's easy for Eddie to say because he won the Best Actor Oscar just last year for The Theory of Everything. And really, how would it look if Leo's surest bet so far at an Oscar ended up going to the guy who just won last year? It would be kind of hilarious, sure, but in the same way that people falling over is hilarious. You know you shouldn't be laughing but you just can't help it, and then you feel really bad.

I have to say, I'm starting to wonder if the hype around Leo winning is getting so big that it's definitely not going to happen. Like all the Academy voters will hear the buzz and think, “Everyone's going to vote for Leo. I'll give someone else a vote.” And then someone like Matt Damon will end up winning. No offense to Matt Damon. I liked The Martian just fine, but he didn't eat a bison liver.