Eddie Redmayne Is Friends With Robert Pattinson And Sam Claflin…Are You Jealous Yet?

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I want to warn you before you read this post or watch this video: the theme is “some people's lives are better than yours”. If you're not prepared to know that, then there's no shame in it, but you should stop reading now. Okay, you're still reading, so I'm about to tell you something: Eddie Redmayne, one of the stars of the upcoming and hotly anticipated Les Miserables, is in a kind of a ‘young British actor' clique with people like Robert Pattinson, star of Twilight and Twi-hearts all across the planet, and Sam Claflin, who'll star as Finnick Odair in Hunger Gamesnext year, and in the daydreams of adolescents from every moment thereafter. But yeah. Those three guys all sit around roaring fires in matching sweaters with steaming mugs of cheer together. I'm jealous. Here's what Eddie said when asked if there was a little young British actor community:

“You know what? In some ways it sort of is accurate. Like, I mean, Sam and I have worked together. Robert I've known¬† for a long time. There was a whole load of us who a few years ago were all sort of trying to make ends meet in London, and it's been lovely watching everyone have a moment to do interesting work. And often you find yourself therefore in New York or Los Angeles and you get to kind of hang out with guys who are mates and old friends. It's a cool little community actually, yeah.”

This is the best! I love when celebrities are friends! And it's also adorable that he's so supportive of his friends. There's nothing catty about it — like wanting to be more successful at the expense of your friends. He sounds like he legitimately enjoys seeing his community succeed, which I love. Whomp whomp whomp, what a nice warm thought for Christmas.

Although I'll admit it's kind of more fun to imagine the three of them before they were successful. In the dream I've woven in my head, they all live in the same apartment…I mean flat…and have Seinfeld-adventures. Like R-Patz leaves the milk on the counter and Eddie gets locked out on the fire escape and Sam brings home a pet ferret. We could go back in time and film it and call it ‘British Clique'. You best believe I would watch that shit.

( Image: Rob Rich / WENN )