Chuck And Nate From Gossip Girl Had A Very Cute Reunion Last Weekend

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Chuck And Nate From Gossip Girl Had A Very Cute Reunion Last Weekend Chuck and Nate Gossip Girl gif


Spotted! Two former onscreen besties hanging out and posing for cute as hell photos in Los Angeles over the weekend. Did you read that in Kristen Bell’s voice? That’s what I was going for, because those former onscreen besties are of course Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford, aka Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald, aka the greatest bromance in Gossip Girl history. Actually, scratch that. IN ALL OF HISTORY.

Ed and Chace both attended the City Year Los Angeles “Spring Break” fundraiser to raise money for the organization, which seeks to keep kids in school. So they’re charitable and adorable. Who could ask for anything more?

Chuck And Nate From Gossip Girl Had A Very Cute Reunion Last Weekend Ed Westwick Chace Crawford City Year Los Angeles Spring Break April 2015 jpg

You know how sometimes when former cast members reunite like this, it really puts into perspective how much time has passed because they look… well… different? Well, luckily Gossip Girl hasn’t been off the air for very long (even though it feels like forever and ever and ever), and I’m pretty sure these guys won’t be letting themselves go any time soon. Look at their matching stubble! Adorable.

What do you think these two talked about? Did they gush over Blake Lively’s new baby? Trash talk Penn Badgley for trash talking the show? Discuss why every single girl Nate slept with wore that exact same blue button-front shirt of his, and wonder if he just had a closet full of them in various sizes? Laugh over Rufus’ waffle addiction? Marvel over the fact that characters were able to travel from the Upper East Side to Brooklyn in approximately 30 seconds? Ask why Dan looked so shocked by Gossip Girl blasts when no one was around, even though (SPOILER ALERT) he was Gossip Girl? Okay, now I’m just reminiscing about Gossip Girl. Sorry, I just miss it so.

I do, however, have one more question about this very important reunion: WHERE WAS MONKEY?

(Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for City Year Los Angeles)