Ed Sheeran Isn’t Dating Taylor Swift, But He Thinks Her Cat Meredith Is A Real Bitch

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Taylor Swift and her cat Meredith in an Instagram photo 2012Honestly, I'll take any excuse at this point to write a post about Taylor Swift and her cat Meredith. Mostly because TAYLOR SWIFT HAS A CAT AND ITS NAME IS MEREDITH. And it's named after a Grey's Anatomy character. That will never not be the behavior of a caricature to me. I have to believe that Taylor is trolling me. Hard.

But anyway, I got just the opportunity I look for to write a scathing expose on Meredith today, because noted Swift-bestie and neighborhood leprechaun Ed Sheeran has some strong words for her this morning. (As a side note, I think we should all try to set aside a little more time in our days to giving interviews about our friends' pets. Do it for the animals.) But anyway, Ed was speaking to the website M, and told them exclusively that Meredith is quite the little twat:

“Meredith doesn't like anyone. There's moments when she doesn't even like Taylor. She's just a very ungrateful cat.”

Ohhh Meredith, what am I going to do with  you? It's not every cat who gets to sit around and watch Titanic all day while the other cats are involved in a hardscrabble battle for food in the alleys of America. Most cats don't get to have their giant pictures thrown around distracting Taylor Swift at her own concert. So why don't you pull it together, MEREDITH and stop wishing for the world, you ungrateful hag:

“She just expects it to come to her and if it doesn't then she'll just glare at you.”

What do you want? The moon on a string or something? GOD. But is she a diva, Ed? Is she? You can say if she is. But is she? I promise I won't tell anyone. Not a single solitary soul:

“Yeah, but I think [because] Taylor isn't a diva, I think someone in that camp needs to be a diva. So Meredith fits that quite well.”

So basically you're saying that Meredith isn't the cat we deserve, but she's the cat we need right now. I think I get it.

(Image: Instagram)